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The cost of 1 dumb - stick including shipping to UK or Australia is $99.00 US

once you have completed the sale, you will receive an invoice for the postage due.


Bicycle Tow Bar


The Dumb Stick

The Dumb Stick  bicycle trailer / tow bar enables your bike to safely transport your kayak,canoe or wagon with ease.

  •  Takes only seconds to install!
  •  Lightweight, and it is designed to remain on your bicycle when not in use.
  •  Fun and easy to use!
  •  Hauls kayaks, canoes, groceries, using your bicycle and your cart.
  •  One of the safest ways of transporting goods by bicycle!
  •  Recommended  maximum tongue weight of 35lb/16kg for ease of cycling.
  •  Made from durable materials for years of use.
  •  33 inches long so it clears all back bike tires.
  •  Freely swivels making turning and tracking super easy.
  •  FOAM spacer keeps the Dumb Stick in place.
  •  Super strong spring clip connector  for easy attaching and detaching.
  •  Fits standard seat posts to 1 1/8 inch round.
  •  Quick Shipping
  •  Drop Shipping available
  •  Proudly made by Yak Sports Inc. in the USA
  • Available in 8 vibrant colors


        Shown in Black            Shown in Green                 Shown in Blue


          red         orange      yellow      green     blue        purple      brown      black


  • Length  33 inches to clear all back bicycle tires.

  • 1 1/2 inch round

  • Weight 2 lbs. / 6 ounces

  • Swiveling steel eye ring

  • Aluminum spring clip

  • Holds 35 lbs tongue weight.

  • Attaches up to 1 1/8 inch round seat post.

  •  spacer (use is optional)

  • Installation instructions.

  • 30 yr. vinyl decal label

  • sealed ends.

  • Box size  36 x 4 x 4